329 concerts
478 field trips
111 presentations
17 master classes
10 exhibits
4 restorations or repairs
13 international festivals


February 14 - Virtual organ concert presented by IOHIO organists Joel Vásquez in Jalatlaco and Jesús González in Tlacolula, by invitation of the Music Department of St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California.


March 31 - Virtual Holy Week concert recorded in the Basilica de la Soledad with the choir of the Instituto de Formación Musical Maurice Ravel, directed by Pierre-Arnaud Le Guérinel and accompanied by organist Jesús González; and in the church of San Matías Jalatlaco featuring soloists Alejandra Ezqueda (soprano), Maribel Sánchez and Sharon Guzmán (mezzosopranos), Kevin Cruz Franco (tenor), and Felipe Espinosa (bass baritone), accompanied by organist Cicely Winter and violinist Sócrates Juárez; technical support was provided by Joel Vásquez and Isaí Guzmán.


August 15 – Live organ concert (with restrictions) organized by the Casa de la Cultura in Tlacolula in honor of their patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption, presented by IOHIO organist Jesús González (from Tlacolula).

December 9 – Organ recital presented by five IOHIO organists to celebrate the festivities during the month of December: The Virgins of Juquila (Dec. 8), Guadalupe (12), and La Soledad (18), the Winter Solstice (21), and Christmas (25). Broadcast on the IOHIO YouTube channel.


Cecilia Winter teaches weekly organ classes in the churches of Jalatlaco and La Soledad to six students.


Pierre-Arnaud Le Guérinel gives weekly piano lessons (in person) and harmony classes (virtually) to one organ student, supported by the IOHIO.


January 8: Fumigation of the Tlacolula organ, Joel Vásquez and Jesús González.


January 14 - Removal of the plastic cover from the organ in the Basilica de la Soledad, fumigation of the interior, intensive cleaning of the choir loft, and relocation of the antique wind chest and bellows; Joel Vásquez, Isaí Guzmán, Andrés Aguilar, Jesús González, Cicely Winter, and three helpers.

January 18 - Fumigation of the Zautla organ, Isaí Guzmán.


January 19 - Lowering of the small electronic organ from the choir loft of the Basílica de la Soledad to the church floor; Joel Vásquez, Isaí Guzmán, Cicely Winter, and two helpers.



June 29 – Basilica de La Soledad
June 30 – San Matías Jalatlaco
July 6 – Sta. María Asunción Tlacolula (small organ)
July 6 – Sta. María Asunción Tlacolula (large organ)
July 13 – San Dionisio Ocotepec
July 13 – Sta. María Natividad Teotitlan
July 13 – San Juan Teitipac
July 15 – San Andrés Zautla
July 15, July 27 - Santa María Tinú
July 20 – Santiago Matatlán
July 20 - San Miguel del Valle
July 22 – Sta. María Zaachila
July 24 – San Pedro Quilitongo
July 31 – Sta. María Tamazulapan (small organ)
July 31 – Sta. María Tamazulapan (large organ)
August 3 – San Andrés Sinaxtla
August 3 – San Mateo Yucucui
September 7 – Sto. Domingo Nuxáa
September 17 – San Andrés Nuxiño
September 24 – Oaxaca Cathedral
October 1- San Miguel Chicahua
October 8 - San Pedro Tidáa
October 15 - San Miguel Tlalixtac
October 22 - Santa María Ejutla
November 4 - San Bartolo Yautepec
November 11 – Sto. Tomás Ixtlán

Santa María Ejutla, San Matías Jalatlaco, Sto. Domingo Nuxáa

The town president in San Andrés Sinaxtla helped us clean the owl droppings off the floor. His grandfather and great uncle were the two last two organists to play the organ in the 1970s.

Santa María Ejutla, San Miguel del Valle, San Matías Jalatlaco, San Pedro Quilitongo


Cicely talks with the people in the communities about the organs and the IOHIO and distributes CDs of Oaxaca Music and brochures.

San Pedro Tidáa and San Bartolo Yautepec