Photo David Hilbert  


Region: Central Valleys
Church construction date: 17th century
Organ construction date: 1726
Organ builder: unknown
Last played: present

Organ classification: 4´ table organ
Tonal base: 4´ principal
Pitch: a=415 Hz, 1 /4 comma meantone temperament
Case measurements: height 2.37 m, width 1.40 m, 0.57 m depth; height from the floor including table 3.00 m
Keyboard: original lost, rebuilt 1996; naturals of Mexican white pine with bone covers, sharps of walnut; faces of the keys carved with concentric circles
Bellows: two original wedge bellows and table are lost but were rebuilt along with the wind trunk in1997; width 0.55 m, depth 1.08 m; six folds; two lead weights
Wind pressure: 50 mm

Restoration: restoration of the case painting by SEDUE 1991-1993; restoration of the technical and musical aspects of the organ by Órganos Históricos de México 1996, project director Susan Tattershall; financed by Fomento Social Banamex and the Zautla community; keyboard, bellows, table rebuilt; extensions added to the lowest three principal façade pipes which had been cut to eliminate the short octave, although lack of funding prevented their repainting


Left hand: 21 notes C-c’ with a short octave
1.Flautado 4´
3.Veintidocena 1/2´- Quincena 1´*
4.Diecinovena 1/3´
5.Quincena 1´
6.Octava 2´

Right hand: 24 notes c#’-c’’’
1.Flautado 1° 4´
3.Octava 2° 2´
4.Docena 1 1/3´ - Quint 2 2/3´*
5.Flautado 2° 4´
6.Octava 1° 2´

*breaks back