Sixth International Organ and Early Music Festival, Nov. 8 – 12
    7 concerts
    2 master classes
    2 lectures
    1 exhibit
    Visits to 9 unrestored organs
    Visits to 2 archeological sites

24 field trips to document and conserve the organs

4 Concerts
- Twentieth piano recital by the faculty of the IOHIO Music Academy, Christophe Lafontaine, Blandine Tricot, and Cicely Winter, Centro Cultural Santo Domingo (CCSD), Jan. 28.
- Organ concert by Laura Carrasco in Tlacochahuaya, facilitated by the IOHIO. Demonstration talk following the concert by Cicely Winter, May 13.
- Twenty-first piano recital by friends of the IOHIO Music Academy, Oscar Tarragó (Xalapa, Veracruz), CCSD, Sept 21.
- Organ concert by Ricardo Rodys and Eliseo Martínez in Tlacochahuaya for the XXXI International Colloquium on the History of Art “El Futuro”, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM, Oct. 16.

IOHIO Music Academy
- Sixth student recital of the IOHIO Music Academy (part 1), May 19.
- Sixth student recital of the IOHIO Music Academy (part 2), May 27.
- Classes start for the 2007 – 2008 term in the IOHIO Music Academy, Sept. 10.
- Seventh student recital of the IOHIO Music Academy, Dec. 9.
- Christmas program in Santa María Tamazulapan with the IOHIO scholarship students, Ricardo Rodys, and Cicely Winter, Dec. 16.

Continuing education
- David Antonio Reyes helps dismantle and document the organ in the Mexico City Cathedral (Project director—Gerhard Grenzing), Apr. 15 – May 18.
- Ricardo Rodys attends the Third Colloquium of Musicat in Puebla “The Sacred and the Profane in the Celebration of Corpus Christi,” Mar. 26 – 28.
- Cicely Winter visits the organ restoration project in the Mexico City Cathedral, May 3.
- Cicely Winter attends the Sixth Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative (EROI), Rochester, New York,

Oct. 11 – 14.