3 Field trips to document and conserve the organs
- Santa María Alotepec, November 17
- San Baltazar Yatzachi el Alto, December 8
- San Pedro Quatoni, December 10

6 Concerts
- Organ concert in Tlacochahuaya, benefit for the town organ fund. February 5.
- Organ concert in the Oaxaca Cathedral, benefit for the church organ fund, March 26.
- Organ concert in San Andrés Zautla by James Wyly, benefit for the Zautla blower fund, October 7.

- Organ concert in Tlacochahuaya by James Wyly, benefit for the Zautla blower fund. October 8.
- Organ and choir concert in Yanhuitlán by Cicely Winter and Ed Pepe with the IOHIO choir, (Israel Rivera Perez, Directo)r, for the town's Day of the Dead Festival.November 1.
- Organ concert of Christmas music in La Soledad by Eliseo Martínez García, Cicely Winter and Ed Pepe. December 20.