Jalatlaco Concert

Participation of IOHIO Students

August 2017

Cathedral Concert

IOHIO Students February 2016

First Anniversary of the
organ restoration in Tlacolula

February 2015


Inaugural concert of the newly

restored organ in Tlacolula 2014

New table for organ in

Sta. María Peñoles Janurary 2013

Cathedral Concert

Margarita Ricárdez  August 2012

Concierto Yanhuitlan
Concierto Catedral

Tlacochahuaya Concert

Joel Vásquez González April 2011

Yanhuitlan Concert
  Becarios May 2010
Cathedral Concert
Becarios June 2009
Concierto Soledad

Soledad Concert
Melina López
Rogelio Bonilla Aug. 2008

VI Academy Students Recital

May 2007

Cathedral Concert

Bill Autry, Valentin Gascón,

Cecilia Winter, Aug. 2006


Visit to Tlacochahuaya by

Academy students. July 2005

Fumigation of the organ in San Andrés Zautla 2004

Documentation of the organ in Huayapam 2003

Concert Tlacochahuaya

Edward Pepe and Cecilia Winter 2002

Discovery of documents and musical scores in trunks at

San Bartlolo Yautepec 2001

Inauguration of the IOHIO office

Cecilia Winter and

Don Alfredo Harp Helu 2000