We are extremely fortunate to receive ongoing support from the FAHHO (Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca Foundation) for our operating expenses and the financing of special projects, such as the recent restorations of the organs in Santa María Tlacolula and San Matías Jalatlaco and the upcoming publication of our catalog of the Oaxacan organs.

However, we have recently found ourselves in rather precarious circumstances because of the lack of funding for some of our smaller, less visible activities or for unexpected costs, all of them critical for keeping our work moving ahead.

The Tlacolula and Jalatlaco organs sound gorgeous, and these two restorations have raised our expectations as to how some of the other organs could and should sound. Although we will not undertake any more restoration projects, we do intend to repair and adjust the organs in San Andrés Zautla and San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya.

Oaxaca has such an amazing collection of playable historic pipe organs, but the ongoing challenge has always been to have them played regularly. We need to train more organists, support the expenses of our five present students, and invite interested organists from other areas of Mexico to perform here. Putting the organs to good use is actually more complicated than restoring them.

Our goals for the year 2017 include:

• Repairing the bellows and installing a motor in the organ in Zautla so the organist may play independently (without the help of a bellows pumper); extra expenses for this project not covered by the FAHHO include transportation to and from Zautla and carpentry work.

• Repairing, tuning, and voicing the organ in Tlacochahuaya by an expert from the Gerhard Grenzing Company; this project is generously supported by a Friend of the IOHIO; pending are the cost of food, lodging, and transportation for the organbuilder for three weeks.

• Transportation to and from Oaxaca for the IOHIO scholarship students for organ lessons, music classes, rehearsals, and concerts, as well as a small salary to one of our students to play the Sunday mass in some churches.

• Organ concerts for visiting organists: our budget covers expenses for local musicians (fees, publicity, projection and recording), but not enough for non-local organists who are most anxious to perform in Oaxaca; expenses would include fees, travel, food and lodging for a concert series every three or four months.

• Publication of a catalog of the Oaxacan organs compiling 17 years of research: although the publication will be financed by the FAHHO, extra expenses will include the cost of field trips to the villages to confirm organ data, translation fees, photography, and many other as yet undefined details.

The cost of the above is approximately $5000 USD, and we hope you will be inspired to contribute. Those of you who have participated in our festivals probably have an idea of the scope, complexity, and excitement of our work, while those of you who haven’t will hopefully come to understand it through our web page.

Please see the donation options below. A minimum gift of $50 would be most appreciated because there is considerable bureaucracy involved in registering each contribution. If you donate through Paypal, you might consider adding an extra 10% to cover the management cost and the foreign transaction fee for deposit to a Mexican account. You could also write us directly at the IOHIO for other options.

Many thanks and best regards,
Cicely Winter
Director of the IOHIO


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